Sunday, November 14, 2010

Short and Sweet

Posting every day in one month may not seem like a big deal... and it probably isn't reason to throw a party. It is, however, more difficult when you have a cranky baby who just wants to fuss. November is just about half way done, and with it, a daily blog post by yours truly. Today, as I type in frustration onto Mr. Penguin's iPad, I am in total awe of those bloggers who manage to post regularly; whether that be daily, weekly, or some other format. You make the web a better place and inspire me to be the best me I can be.

On a side note, a friend has thrown down a little self love gauntlet. I'll be linking to it in the morning when I have access to the "real" internets again. Therefore, Here goes my list of self-love:

1. I love my nose. I think it's perfect and cute; down right adorable.
2. The color of my eyes is just amazing. I like how they seem to change with my moods.
3. My tongue. I can do really impressive things, like flip it both ways and make a "W."
4. Although for many years they went into the category of self loathing; I'm proud to say I now love my freckles. I especially love how they make me feel connected to my ancestry.
5. I love that my breasts are full and luscious and functional. I love feeling like a beautiful woman while nursing my son.

1. I enjoy a good logic puzzle, and was a little disappointed that I never had a reason to take the LSATS.
2. A vocabulary of astoundingly redundant proportions dwells within a veritable plethora of linguistic humors.
3. I can find, read, and understand academic research. I love feeling empowered by helping myself be well informed.
4. Observing children and noting things on several levels from play and developmental appropriateness to social skill to emotional awareness comes almost as a second nature. Not only do I do it well, I love doing it.
5. Rephrasing something to put it in new light has been helpful to me; in other words, I like to put things another way by saying them using a different set of words to convey the message in a way that helps me get across an idea...

1. I have a Master's Degree in Social Work with Children and Families.
2. When I was only fourteen, I earned my black belt in karate.
3. I am winning a long time battle with chronic depression.
4. After repeated miscarriages I carried a baby to term and pushed him out of my vagina. (I know this might not sound like a big deal... but I'm super proud!)
5. I am consciously building healthy and nurturing friendships with the people in my life.

I may not agree with the idea that one shouldn't rely on others to help one feel awesome, but I do feel that loving one's self is a great place to start. I think it is hard to let go and trust others with pieces of our selves. Sure, if others are your only source of love, there is probably a problem, and the task at hand is one of self-love, but I think it's important to encourage you, dear reader, to share a little bit of Awesome love with others... just "Love Thyself" first ;)

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  1. Fantastic. I love you, too! I'm so glad that someone as creative, brilliant, beautiful, and giving as you is in my life. :)