Monday, March 31, 2008

ASL Browser

Several people have asked for this link, the best sign language site for quick reference, you need quick time to see the oh-so-helpful illustrations

ASL Browser

Hope this helps!

Saturday, March 29, 2008 - Strange things in Google Maps

Way too much fun to see what people can find. - Strange things in Google Maps

Makes me wonder what sort of advertising will grow from this... seems like an obviously underused space for it that the companies already own... We shall see I'm sure.

The Stray Shopping Cart Project

I was quite enamored to find some-one who had already gone to greater lengths than I to document this phenomenon:

The Stray Shopping Cart Project

However, my photos can still be found here:
Christine's Local Shopping Carts

Friday, March 28, 2008

Sick but Surviving

So being ill with some head infection of goop and nastiness meant I’m actually getting “enough” sleep which is a good thing… it also meant I laughed out loud at the nurse practitioner when she told me to cut back on some things and relax. I told her I’m a grad student with six weeks left and my husband’s unemployed… there’s no where left to cut back. Add to that the stress of having my therapist seem pointless this afternoon and it just ends up being a sad sad story.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Super WiMax

In the harsh battle against depression, creativity is often the key... today that creativity was forcibly channeled towards.... da da da da SUPER WiMax

Results for 'Christine Penguino'

A fun sight for playing around with your name to tell you silly things like how well endowed you are based on vowels or what your name looks like in ASCII binary... here's mine

Results for 'Christine Penguino'

Oh, and here's a shocker, it turns out my name is pretty uncommon... I guess that's what happens when you make it up.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Blogger Down... BOOOOO!!!

I had to spam a bunch of stuff at once because blogger was down... I couldn't even see Junebug's Musings to which I am totally addicted! I took a clip so you could all share in my disappointment.

Crossword Research

So I’ve looked at several books of Monday (easy) crossword puzzles and have about decided to spend the $7 or so to get in the practice. I’ve also been checking out some how-to books but the $15 seems prohibitive since I really only have the prestige need of completing one. I also need to think about what is cheating. I know looking up the direct hint would be… but what if I know, for example, an actor’s first name but not last? Or if I know the word but am unsure of spelling? I guess it’s a slippery slope I’ll keep examining.

The Fancy Dinner

I know I just wrote about it under be a better wife, but I’m so proud of my cooking I just had to share a little more! Look at those yummy chopped up onions, peppers and mushrooms. They even got seasoned with things like cumin and if that’s not fancy I just don’t know what is!

Climb Up Kennesaw Mountain

Yesterday this also went on the list of “But I don’t WANNA do it.” It seems that friends at work have started this campaign to go everyday at 2:30 to run (or walk really intentionally) up the Mountain (which if you’ve ever seen a mountain you would call a hill). The point of this story is that I got there before my pals but thought I was after them so I went barreling up at top speeds…

only to have it occur to me a pretty good ways up that I was probably ahead. I took some time just sitting and staring at the view which was calming and quite lovely.

I caught them on my way down and had a friend join me for the return trip which was also nice. On a side note I figured out how to take video with my phone both with and without sound... ok so the first time I just didn't realize it had sound and then how to sync it to the Mac here at home so I can get all those pictures and videos onto the web for the world to see. Yay me!

Cooking Dinner (Even when I didn't feel like it)

So it turns out that I can do things I don’t feel like doing… I know it doesn’t sound that amazing but sometimes it is. Thursday night I actually chopped and baked and generally managed to put together a multi-dish super impressive and tasty meal.

I also managed to sing to my dogs in a silly fake French accent while doing it a la Little Mermaid. It did cheer me up, especially when Roger LOVED eating it! Hooray for food.

School is Cool

So I was totally excited to whip out my trombone this week and play for the various classrooms at school. They were really excited to get to hear the sound, see the shiny metal, and feel the vibrations with their hands. Needless to say, several also wanted to taste it but had to settle for practice buzzing their lips. The faces of the children are blurred out so you can’t see the tears streaming down their faces (and so you can’t tell who they are).