Thursday, November 11, 2010

Passions of the Penguinos

Tonight I spoke to a college class about child maltreatment. It is a subject I know all to well from an academic and professional standpoint. After two hours of textbook and lecture, the questions the students had weren't about how to go about reporting, or what was this type of abuse most likely to cause. They were all about how I got into social work. Would I do it again? Could I do that sort of thing now that I'm a Mom. They saw my passion... well, that and my scary stories and wild gesticulations...

It was rather surreal to step back and examine my life through their eyes. To tell them I believe people have a calling. That life is so much better when you are passionate about what you do.

When I got home, I took one more step back. I meant "work" at the time. As in, you ought to feel that way about your career. I want it to be true about the rest of my life as well. Life is so much better when you're passionate about what you do.

My husband and I did one of those family workshop type things a while back where you are supposed to define your family "mission statement." The final step of the instructions was to narrow it down and be as specific as possible. While other couples had "narrowed" things down to top ten type lists, our was two words. They are our words to live by, and I hope they will be for Jax as well.

Live Passionately.

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