Monday, November 15, 2010

Forced Fast - Fast Forward

Due to issues with our internet provider, I've been without internet for over 24 hours. Not a true fast. I've had access to Mr. Penguin's iPad for the purposes of writing last night's post, and now this one. It's been rather odd to go without. It's forced me to imagine ways in which my childhood was so very different than what Jax will experience. Here's my "Top 11" off the *top* of my head.

11. When he thinks of an address he will probably think URL then e-mail then GPS and maybe THEN about something that requires a stamp.

10. Encyclopedias will probably only be found in libraries... and no one will ever try to sell him one by knocking on his door.

9. He will be able to track his life through a variety of virtual scrapbooks that will be indexed and searchable.

8. Typing may be more important than handwriting; but, as things continue to change, his fine motor skills will be increasingly important.

7. In reverse of my lifetime trend, he'll see fewer and fewer wires.

6. He will be able to track himself and his consumption quickly and easily; from food to books to dollars.

5. The importance of good written communication will seem vitally important him from infancy. It is not a lesson anyone will have to try to sell by pointing out letters to the editor or well-written books. Anyone who wants to be taken seriously must be able to write, and, if not well, at least understandably.

4. He will probably think of accounts the way I think of my Juno e-mail account.

3. Searching and responding in a multitude of languages will probably be simple and instantaneous... but not as good as really knowing another language.

2. There will be a multitude of entertainment available to consume at his leisure. Imagine being able to watch any show ever made any where any time. He won't have to.

1. He will still prefer great big hugs and snuggles, even if he can interact with holographic images of far flung friends and relatives.

What changes do you foresee in the lifetime of this year's babies? What is dramatically different from your own childhood? Which are good? Which are not-so-good?

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