Thursday, November 18, 2010

It Gets Better... (You Know, for Parents)

I have really enjoyed the videos made recently to encourage those who may be victims of bullying, particularly gay bashing. I'm just saying right up front, that I find them inspiring and uplifting. I am in now way trying to diminish their impact, take away from their message, or say they are silly... the problem they combat is all too real.

That being said, Mr. Penguin and I were just thinking how great the same thing would be for new parents. When you're going through nights filled with spit-up rather than spit, imagine videos of smiling parents of adult children saying things like "I know it seems like this is the worst thing you've ever decided to do, but my children and I both survived!" or "You could have been raising your children before you had cell phones for emergencies or internet for late night diagnosis; just think how much better it will keep getting!"

Just think of the celebrity endorsements... Michelle Obama with a couple of smiling First Children telling us that even when a campaign is in full swing, your kids will still want to give you a hug. Brad and Angelina with their brood telling us that THIS is what keeps them going. George Tekai telling people who wish bad things on children EXACTLY what they are...

This whole thought made me happy, but then I found one that made me happier. "It Gets Better" for those dealing with infertility. Sure, there would be the happy "We finally got our Big Fat Positive!" stories, but there would also be the amazing adoption stories. I would hope there would even be stories of those who never fulfilled that dream but still found, in their life, that "It Gets Better!" (I know I still feel a kick in the gut when I see the "dart" board of happy fresh babies at the OBGYN and think of my losses, but it's important to remember that it hurts a little less each time.)

I know I really could have used the support... when we lost our babies, when we had trouble trying again, when I was puking every day, holding a neonate who wouldn't stop losing weight, late at night listening to the croupy seal cough, pretty much every day. So, I'll be watching those videos with a twist, and keeping an eye out for some other topical ones.

I guess it all just comes back to the thought that has inspired so many in recent times, no matter what, no matter who you are, no matter how rotten things are right now:

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