Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Top 11 Rockin' Names for a Horse

For Christmas, Aunt Sweet Sweet and Uncle Mean Mean gave Jax a lovely wooden rocking horse. He's a little small to really use it on his own, and it got left at Granny's because it wouldn't fit in the car, but we've been working on a fitting name for this awesome heirloom. "Horsie" was arleady taken by a tacky car toy, so, here's our current Top 11 Rockin' Names for a Horse.

11. Dust Devil - much much smaller than Zorro's Tornado.

10. Concorde - the name of the page who walks along banging coconuts to "sound like a horse" in Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail

9. Foggy - NOT of Chincoteague

8. Shadowemail - way more modern than Shadowfax.

7. Wood Ugly - doesn't quite have the same impact as Black Beauty...

6. Hippocampus - this is the name of a sea horse that pulled Poseidon's chariot... plus it sounds like a different animal... plus it's part of your brain!

5. Giggle-Maker - a nod to Pecos Bill's Widow-Maker

4. Whacka - it's funnier than Flicka

3. Good-Horse - the opposite of the "thoroughbred of sin" from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

2. Tin - you know, for when you can't afford Silver? (The middle name of The Lone Ranger's Horse with the last name, Away)

1. Hi Ho - The first name of The Lone Ranger's horse. (this one is, secretly, my current favorite)

Of course, if you're actually looking for horse names, there are whole sites to help you out:

Names from Cowboy Movies
Pictures of Movie Horses
Fictional Horses

It goes on and on... just Google it.

So, got a suggestion? A favorite? I'll post back when we finally commit!