Saturday, November 13, 2010

Granny Penguin's Library

In honor of our visit to the Granny's house, I thought I'd share her growing collection of books about grandmothers, grandmas, nanas, etc. Jax already enjoys hearing familiar stories, and the collection is fun because it offers something special to them and their relationship. Unfortunately she only has 10... and one that's not REALLY a kid book (So we'll squeeze it into a Top 11). I'm linking to Amazon again, just for informational purposes.

I'm writing this post so you can get to my favorites first. Lets just say that Granny has started collecting books and rather than a true "Top" 11, these would be the "Only" 11.

by Margaret Wild
This is probably my favorite, and definitely Jax and Granny's favorite so far. The story is about a little pig waiting to spend time with his Granny. We get to hear all about the fun things Granny has taught him as a parade of farm animals help him wait. When we find out what has taken so long, it is a delightful surprise for them to enjoy together. I am sure I'll hear it a thousand times more in the years to come... and I'm looking forward to that.

by Mary McHugh
This one's not really a children's book, but more of one from the humor section. Each page spread has a comparison of what "Good" Granny would to as opposed to "Bad" Granny. Some are funnier than others and, of course, the truth probably lies somewhere between any two extremes. Nice for a good laugh for a new grandmother.

by P. H. Hanson
This is more of a board book with flip out goodies than a classic book. It is an imagined purse with all manner of fun things that you might (or might not) expect to find in a delightful purse. It brought back memories of time with my own Grandma; knowing there would be gum, and tiny paper and tiny scissors for paper dolls all within that magic bag.

by Kate Lum
This book just stinkin' hilarious. The idea is that a grandmother tries to get her grandson to go to sleep. He inevitably finds an excuse why he cannot which shocks the grandmother so much that she goes to hyperbolic lengths to fix it. I'm sure this is destined to be a favorite because it is just so much fun to repeat the title phrase with each scenario.

by Margaret Wild
The social worker in me just eats this book up. It is all about the diversity of grandmothers. It includes descriptions of all manner; from physical, to emotional, to where one might live. The pictures are a rollicking good time and made me giggle right out loud. I'm a big fan of celebrating what makes us unique and, goodness knows, grandmothers are some of the most unique among us.

by Sarah Martin Busse and Jacqueline Briggs Martin
This is the delightful tale of a Granny traveling with her Banjo to be with her grandson, Owen. It probably has not only my favorite paintings of those listed here, but also the best word pictures. How can you not love a "grandbaby, who goes wiggly, jiggly, all-around giggly and tip over tumble for bluegrass music?"

by Jayne C. Shelton
This fanciful book is a reflection of reading with Grandmother's and is a summary of the Reading Rainbow song... you know "I can go anywhere, just take a look, it's in a book..." I like how it emphasizes the security and whimsy of reading together, even if it's not the most catchy or interesting of the books with similar themes.

by Stella Blackstone and Christopher Corr
This book has child-like art and a fun rhyme of what a traveling Granny might bring back from around the world. This is a fun little read-aloud that I'm sure will be more fun as Jax gets a little older and more familiar with repetition. This would also be fun with a child old enough to use a map or globe to locate the various places the Granny visits. (It's the last of the books I'd actually recommend.)

by Marcia Cate Overstreet
This book has lovely illustrations but was so sappy sweet I was concerned about my upping my son's chances of diabetes. The little story is simple enough, but the prayers on each page in the paintings are a little over the top. Not really one for mass appeal, but a really nice thought none the less.

by Bill & Kathy Horlacher
This is a Christian based Early Reader "Level 1." Each page shows a different Grandma and Grandchild/ren and states times the Granmda is glad she's "your Grandma." It mostly makes me want to write a mean version stating times Grandma's aren't so glad: "When I'm selling my heirlooms to help you make bail..."

by Phyllis LaFarge
This is a cute mini-chapter book about a little girl staying over night with her Granny. The plot is simple and easy to follow, but not very exciting. If you're looking for a nondescript way to burn some time, this book is a good choice. There's probably a good reason the last reprint was 1977.

Do you have a favorite grandparent book? Have any special relationship books you love to share? Got thoughts on any of these books?

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