Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Karma for Clicking

Maybe it's hubbie's class on world religion... maybe it's a forwarded e-mail I didn't just delete... who knows, but I have a new every day site. You know the kind. The e-mail, the news, the favorite laugh site... those five or six you hit every single day just to "check in" on the world at large.

Well, for about a week I've been checking out a neat little set of sites. Sure, the advertising is obscene, but for once, the corporate sponsorship has a point. The hook site for me is:


You click once a day and all those blaring ad people donate money to the cause. It's targeted advertising and they pay for the visits and clicks. It's basically ad space on a super-trafficked site. Hey, works for me. So, you go, you click, they donate.

Plus, the page has little tabs at the top for the affiliate sites:
The Hunger Site The Breast Cancer Site The Child Health Site The Literacy Site The Rainforest Site The Animal Rescue Site

Pretty smart deal. Six clicks, thirty seconds... admittedly surfed some of the cool trinkets, which is why the ads are worth it to the sponsors, and BAM! Internet karma scores a few points.

(Plus, since I posted this, it means all you people who go and click are totally boosting my karma as well, I'm so set for like the next day at least!)

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