Friday, September 28, 2007

A Heady Story

So, I was reading all about the two headed turtle in my favorite odd news links... and they've got the AP picture:
Pretty cool, the little guy (guys? gal/gals?) has two heads and sets of front feet and one tail with a set of back feet. So, after reading how rare and exciting all this is I go looking for good video. It turns out back in February there was a different really super rare two headed turtle who got featured on the Tonight Show...

Which lead to my favorite turtle twin name clip "Jim and I" you know, like the star twins also very appropriate music ;)

Biggest two-headed turtle twin going to this set/twins/thing

Ummm coolest finger nails and oddest hatching site "work" where do you work that hatches two headed turtles??

Then, of course, the "found on the banks of a contaminated river" turtle... which would have sounded much more rare and reasonable if I hadn't just seen a half-dozed clips of other two headed turtles.

I guess two heads are better than one, but just not as odd or rare as one might have thought.

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