Sunday, September 16, 2007

And You Thought I Was Corny

Ok, so I'm a weird news addict, and have been known to do a corn maze or two...

Wow... old school and hubbie looks like Satan with the red-eye. Note to self, that fruit shirt is getting OLD!

Anyway, what started this blog was that, much to my amusement, Gull Meadow Farms has created the likeness of President Ford. It's actually pretty good when seen from the sky on their website.
It was apparently designed by the oh-so-corny site The Maize who have the CORNIEST! site of them all (And that's an official decree). Even a song about "funtastic fun in the corn maze!" Apparently they design lots of really cool sites, including another great ariel shot of a football field... he he he.
(I also love the visible hot air balloon!)

Unlike Cagle's Dairy Farm which has a bad drawing of the maze over a picture of a cornfield which is just really odd, not to mention painfully commercial with several sponsors.

Of course, if you wanna hear all about a wide variety of corn mazes in the corporately designed kind of way, check out for all their sites. Mostly diagrams rather than actual pictures.

My other favorite "actual" picture is of Severs Corn Maze, it's got a cool wild west theme, but not nearly so cool as a dead president. They're kind enough to offer a picture in their press packet section even though it looks a little touched up, but hey, still pretty cool:

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