Thursday, July 15, 2010

Note to Self: You're NOT a Bad Mom!

Dear Self,

If you were counseling yourself, you'd point out a few logical fallacies. You would tell yourself to relax, to stop worrying so much, and to think about things with a little perspective. Go ahead and do that...

Remember listening to Ayelet Waldman's Bad Mother? She made some pretty good points! I think it's time to make a top 11 list of things you can let go... like back when you wrote for the humor page in college. Heck, everyone should probably do it at regular intervals!

11. The world's landfills will not overflow if you have to use the occasional disposable diaper because you forgot to keep track, and Jax just soiled the last cloth one before you could wash the rest of the fluff.

10. Jax will not have horribly debilitating physical deformities if he spends 20 minutes instead of the suggested "15 or less" joyfully playing in his Jumperoo.

9. It will not stunt Jax' emotional growth if you can't figure out what's making him cry and just have to hold and comfort him while he whimpers.

8. No one who matters will judge you if, sometimes, you don't feel like nursing and do so resentfully because you feel like a cow and hate sharing your body at this moment.

7. Cancer, disease, and genetic mutations will not instantly attack or overtake your body, or Jax' if you use the really-good-smelling Baby Magic lotion instead of some better-for-your-skin organic lanolin.

6. You have two dogs and a baby. At some point, they are going to lick each other without your knowledge. This will not kill anyone involved.

5. Feeling angry and frustrated and exhausted by nights when Jax wakes up every two hours because he needs you is ok. You still manage to love, cuddle, and feed him.

4. Needing a break from the baby for several hours is a legitimate and reasonable thing. The umbilical cord stopped beating before it was cut... I'm pretty sure it's not still functionally attached.

3. No one but you freaks out if a daily picture of Jax is not taken and instantly tagged and uploaded to be shared on Facebook.

2. Your son will not be doomed to illiteracy if you forget, and don't read to him on any given day.

1. In general, you are not Super Mom, you are a Mom who does her best and loves her son. That will be good enough for Jax and it should be good enough for you!


  1. It sounds like you are an AWESOME mom, Christine. I love hearing your comments and such. Very real, and at times, oh so funny! My prediction is that Jax will turn out just fine. He has 2 great parents and grandparents, and a loving extended family. Looks like you are doing GREAT!

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  3. Thanks Mamita! We do all try our best!

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