Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Literally Painful

Today was a bad awful rough day any way you cut pretty much. To top off the pain grief and agony, I got an invitation I cannot accept:

Dr. Bill is organizing a community development program in Argentina this summer and extends her invitation. The trip is scheduled to take place on May 17, 2008, through May 27, 2008. The Community Development program will take place in the Andes Mountain in a village comprised of seventy (70) families in a compound. Students will help in the following areas: build corrals for their Llamas, assist in gardening projects for the little children, and participate in painting the school house among other projects.

The cost of this trip is $2500. Costs include the air flight to Argentina, 3 meals per day, lodging and 2 nights in Buenos Aires. We ask that interested students pay a deposit in the amount of $1700 during the first week of March. The remaining balance is required by the first week of April.

Something I'd love to do, a time I can actually go, a great deal on air-fare etc. I even have the passport. It's the week after graduation and would be a lovely and purposeful celebration. However, coming up with $2500 in basically two weeks with hubby still jobless is beyond impossible. Oh for the future days of real money coming in when I could say, why yes, I'd love to go... and actually go.

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