Sunday, January 27, 2008

Is being angry better?

In looking over my list, I can genuinely say that indeed, I feel like I have stopped worrying. Not entirely, but I definitely let a lot more things go. Ironically, a big help in this has been working being ok with letting myself be angry about things. I’ve never been very comfortable with the idea of being angry, but it is a good thing when done in a healthy way. As in, I feel angry that things didn’t turn out. This is much better than an hour of worrying about how I should/could/would’ve done something different. I just acknowledge that this is how I feel, and that that is an ok thing, and move on with life. Weird how healthy and easy that sounds. You have no idea how tricky it is not to feel guilt for the anger that is replacing the worry. Maybe being a therapist is going to be way trickier than I thought.

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